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Cancer Fat: Body Fat Chemical Stimulates Cancer Growth

Written by Keith D. Bishop, Clinical Nutritionist, B.Sc. Pharmacy - February 24, 2010

A newly discovered enzyme monoacyglycerol lipse (MAGL) helps aggressive cancer cells obtain energy from fat cells. 

Cancer Fat: Body fat chemical stimulates cancer growthNumerous research studies demonstrate cancer cells obtain energy to grow from sugars.These sugars can come from our food and/or from elevated blood glucose/sugar levels.

New research demonstrates MAGL drives tumor growth through free fatty acid energy from fat cells. MAGL derived fat cell energy promotes tumor migration, tumor invasion, tumor survival, and tumor growth.

Researchers found high fat diets provide non-aggressive (non-MAGL) cancer cells with energy that stimulates malignancy.

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Sugars from food and in the body provide energy for growth of cancer cells. Following a low glycemic index diet will lower the sugar energy given to the cancer cells.

Body fat and dietary fat provide energy for the growth of cancer cells. Following a low fat diet and having low body fat will lower the fatty acid energy given to cancer cells.

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