Successfully Integrating Alternative Cancer Treatment and Natural Cancer Treatment Strategies

Integrate Natural Treatment for Bladder Cancer

Natural Treatment for Bladder Cancer Research ReportI researched the university, government, manufacturer, medical and medical association journals for your natural treatment for bladder cancer options and have a summary and commentary of my findings.

The following natural treatment for bladder cancer research report is the result of over 80 hours of pouring over medical research journals. I saved you over 2 weeks of reading, often difficult to understand, medical journals.

Your Natural Treatment for Bladder Cancer E-Report will help you learn:

  • What herbs increase bladder cancer cell sensitivity to chemotherapy drugs.
  • What herb may decrease the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs taxol and vinblastine. You would want to avoid this herb if taking these chemo drugs.
  • Why researchers at M D Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas state, "Overall our results suggest that ______ alone exhibits significant antitumor effects against human bladder cancer and it further potentiates the effects of gemcitabine..."
  • Why researchers in China state, "These findings suggest that _____ is a potential therapeutic candidate against tumor invasion (metastasis).”
  • "______ may be an important chemoprevention agent for the management of bladder cancer."
  • Why researchers at The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA state, “This work supports development of fully characterized, novel food products containing ______ components for phase I/II human studies targeting bladder cancer prevention."

    Prevention is the first step in natural bladder cancer treatment.



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